5 Delicious Recipes for Campfire Cooking

Tis the season, for outdoor living and chargrilled meals. Fall is one of our favorite seasons and, in our opinion, the best time for camping, building a fire and making some delicious meals. Whether you are car camping, or packing in for the night, packing a tasty meal brings people together and makes the outdoors that much more enjoyable. … More 5 Delicious Recipes for Campfire Cooking

5 Tips If You Must Hike Alone

Adventure is awaiting at every turn, but sometimes we can’t find another adventurer to join.  Should you stay home just because you can’t find anyone to join you? While we don’t recommend solo hiking, if you do go out alone just be prepared and always be ready for the worst-case scenario. Solo hiking can be extremely peaceful, providing a nice quite weekend away. Sometimes you just want to chill with the birds and the bees, right? Safety always comes first while on the trail so take a look at these tips and must-have items before you hit the trail solo. … More 5 Tips If You Must Hike Alone