It was a wet, miserable night in camp in the Colorado back country for Rob Hart and his Outward Bound students. Rob wondered why he didn’t have something better than a fallen log or tree stump to sit on. He wanted to relax with a warm, dry, cushioned seat and rest his weary back. But carrying a lawn chair into the back country was not very practical.

Soon thereafter, the proverbial ‘light’ flickered on when he remembered an old wood canoe chair that his grandfather had used on camping trips. Rob took that basic concept, updated it through countless prototypes over many months, and the Original Crazy Creek Chair was born. This simple product would become famous all over the world and revolutionize “wherever you are, whatever you’re doing” lightweight, portable sitting comfort.

Rob officially started Crazy Creek Products in 1987 down in the basement of a building at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains in the small Montana town of Red Lodge. Soon after opening up for business, Rob hired his friend John Elsberry to be his business manager. John worked with Rob for almost 12 years, handling every task imaginable. Working together, Crazy Creek’s business grew by leaps and bounds. This was no surprise. In addition to having an incredibly useful product, both Rob and John were sticklers for quality, and were meticulous in their attention to materials and workmanship. They knew from experience that only the best would do when you’re in the mountains and miles from a gear repair. In 2000, John started his own company, Business Support Services. Rob continued to run Crazy Creek, which thrived over the ensuing years.

Then in 2009 the unimaginable happened; Rob Hart was killed in a tragic ski accident. People from all over the world were stunned that this great friend and accomplished adventurer had suddenly passed. John Elsberry offered to step in to help operate Crazy Creek for Rob’s family. Over the course of the following year, John and his wife Kim became convinced that Crazy Creek was a strong business that needed to remain in Red Lodge, and they arranged to purchase the company. John and Kim, along with the rest of the Crazy Crew, continue to carry on the tradition and commitment to quality and service for which Crazy Creek has always been known.

But Crazy Creek is not looking back. As much as ever, the company is focused on the future, with new products being developed to enhance people’s outdoor experiences. Crazy Creek’s tag line says it all: Creating Comfortable Products for the Outdoors. We’re here to serve the comfort needs of hikers, backpackers, RV’ers, stadium-goers, fishermen, soccer moms/dads, festival-goers, picnickers… anyone who ventures out, from the North to the South Poles and everywhere in between.

So remember, the next time you’re looking for a little comfort – Don’t Just Do Something…. Sit There!

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