Phone, Keys, Wallet, Chair

Keeping a chair handy is like having a pocket knife—you never know how much you need it until you have it.

We know what you’re thinking, “Have a chair handy? Why would I need a chair handy?” Well, friend, these are questions that we’re here to answer. Let’s break down a couple of scenarios together.

Keep in mind, we’re not life experts, we’re chair experts, so we might be a little biased.

Scenario One

Scenario One – The Festival Green

Oh, the green. There is room to breathe here. It’s nice here. Sure, you’re not up front and center of the stage, dancing like there is no tomorrow (or cell phones filming you), but it’s still nice here.

There are moms, kids, grandpas, someone in a cat costume; it’s fantastic, but just like any live venue there are still some rules to follow. Most folks on the green are there to sit back and relax, with an unobstructed view of the stage and a less potent patchouli smell.

You see a sweet spot, right between the toddler with dreads and the cat person, but there is a family on a blanket right behind it. That’s where your Crazy Creek chair comes in handy. Sit back, enjoy a beverage of choice, rock your head to the tunes, and revel in the fact that the folks behind you aren’t hating you right now for obstructing their view.
Scenario Two

Scenario Two – The Book Store or Library

It’s no surprise that the outdoor industry has spurred countless literary gems. From the classic and bitter fly fishing tales of John Gierach to the present day endeavors of Jennifer Pharr-Davis, there are so many amazing stories to be told and read.

But what do you do when your section is tucked away in the back or two stories away from the lounge? Simple: Pop open that chair right there in the aisle and read away!

Sure, Esther, the trusty librarian may come by and tell you to migrate to the designated reading lounge, but you only need reply, “Shhhhhhh.” She’ll get the message. Read on friend.

Scenario Three

Scenario Three – Holiday Grocery Shopping

Have you ever been to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving? It’s the grocery shopping equivalent of Black Friday. Everyone fighting, elbow to elbow, for the last frozen birds to overcook the next day. Sure, you may have emerged from the hoards of last-minute shoppers triumphant, but you’ve only won the battle. There is still the war. There are still the lines. This is the long haul. Here you have two options:

  1. Hunch over your cart, further working on that poor posture while you endlessly scroll through Instagram–envious of those at home who went shopping yesterday.
  2. Open up your chair and sit comfortably next to your cart sipping on the Yerba Mate that you brought with you like some kind of modern-day Einstein. Ignore all the ugly stares. Those envious eyes only justify your decision—and no Mr. Cashier Man—I don’t need to pay for this Yerba Mate. I brought it with me.

Scenario Four_

Scenario Four – Crowded Bar

This one is perfect for the group looking to stake their claim, planting chairs instead of flags; like a modern-day Neil Armstrong with a cocktail in his hand. Standing room only is a thing of the past. With your chair handy, you’re ready to tackle any watering hole packed to the brim without a place to rest your rear.

We weren’t made to drink standing up. Wherever you find an opening, lay out your chairs and plant yourselves among the cigarette butts, cocktail napkins, and discarded straws.

It doesn’t take much to be regarded as a genius or a moron at 12 am on a Sunday. Either way, you’re comfortable.

Scenario Five - @dloewen123 (IG)
Pic: @delowene

Scenario Five – Stranded In The Wilderness

No matter how prepared you may be, we’ve all had that moment, if even for a fraction of a second. You know, that, “Oh shit, I think I’m lost!” moment. Any outdoor enthusiast knows there is always the possibility of heading out into the woods and not making it back home.

Sure, this may be a bit morbid, but at least you’ll be comfortable in your chair while you’re living out your last hours in this world. I think what we’re getting at is that a chair should be right up there on your list with first aid kit, survival rations, and beer.

We know you’re thinking this all makes perfect sense and we couldn’t agree more!

Ok, so these might not be the most practical situations for having a chair handy, but you’d be hard-pressed to argue otherwise given you were placed into any of these scenarios, comfortably in your chair.


What’s the wildest, most random, or craziest place you’ve sat in your Crazy Creek Chair? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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