Heading to Camp with Crazy Creek

Heading to camp over the summer is a great time to make lasting memories and explore the world around you. Backpacking through the woods, telling tall tales around the campfire, or whispering stories with your bunk-mate until the wee hours of the morning are make for the perfect summer camp. Camp life enriches the lives of children, youth and adults through the ultimate camp experience.

Crazy Creek Products proudly connects with camps across the U.S. to provide that extra level of comfort around the campfire. From sitting in a Crazy Creek Original Chair around the glow of the flames, to having all your new best friends sign the chair before the summer’s end for a lasting keepsake, camp is a great way to connect with others your age and enjoy the great outdoors.

Here are just a few of the ways a Crazy Creek Chair can be used throughout the camper’s experience.

Women sitting in a Crazy Creek Original Chair on the Beach

Photo by: @haijae99

1) Versatile Beach Chair

Whether you are looking to relax on the dock, lay on the beach with your friends or sit for a snack or lunch break the Crazy Creek Original Chair turns from chair, to sleeping pad, to sun protector just by unbuckling the clasps on the side of the chair. Ready for a snack? Buckle the sides up again – adjust to your liking – and have a seat ready in no time.

2) Time for Games!

What was your favorite game at camp? Too many to choose from? Camp is the best place to pick up new games that are fun, even into adulthood. There is no down time allowed at camp! Try some of these top picks for your next game night.

  • I Spy – Perfect for day or night, I Spy is a great option to enjoy around the campsite.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – Perfect for all ages, set the parameters and head out to explore!
  • Flashlight Tag – A nighttime version of hide-and-seek and tag combined.

Group backpacking on a trail with the Crazy Creek Original Chair strapped to their packs

Photo by: @the_fauxtographer

3) Backpacking Adventures

If you are fortunate enough to attend a camp that includes backpacking treks in the schedule this can be a great opportunity to explore your wild side in a camp setting. Push yourself to the limit and make lasting friendships with an overnight trip or wilderness expedition. From the packing list to making sure you have the right gear backpacking trips are the perfect opportunity to start exploring early. Strap along your Crazy Creek Original Chair to the outside of your pack for easy carry and the best seat on top of the mountain.

4) Story Time

Ghost stories are a great way to end the night around the campfire with a big ol’ bag of s’mores! Sitting around in a circle and getting caught up in a tall tale is a great camp experience. Make sure there is enough fire wood for the night, bring along the snacks, your Crazy Creek Chair and get ready to be spooked!

Overnight bag with a Crazy Creek Original Chair attached to the back with woods in the background

5) Indestructible Gear for Rainy Nights

Good gear for an overnight trip either near the campsite or miles up the mountain can make or break a good camping experience. Through the rain, mud or even snow the gear needs to last for the next adventure! The Crazy Creek Original Chair can be the perfect – an dry – place to sit after a long hike keeping your bum off the wet ground or hard rocks! A good sleeping bag, sleeping pad and warm clothing are all items to bring along for a comfy night’s sleep.

Camps can also stock up on Crazy Creeks for their advertising/registration gifts, to sell in their camp store, or to give away to a stand-out counselors. The options are endless! How will you use your Crazy Creek?

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