The Perfect Escape to Nature

To Defeat the Dreaded Rush by: Makayla Hobbs


Endless heaps of homework, a messy apartment, and complete inner ‘frazzledment’— I simply had to get off campus. I love college and my job, but there is a dark, disastrous impatience that I frequently catch when I forget to make space to experience nature. I call this “the rush”. The rush is the result of routine and chaos that has no pause. Everywhere, people hurry to their next task, hoping to accomplish everything on their list in record time. Impatience, anxiety, agitation, and haste all come out of the dreaded rush.


On a dark fall day, the rush had come over me. I found myself running around with a racing mind and heartbeat, overwhelmed by work and the messes around me. Full of anxiety and pressure, I had to get out. I shared my ‘frazzledness’ with some friends, and they confessed that the rush was upon them as well. We dropped our books and papers, grabbed our Crazy Creek Original Chairs, some blankets, and my van, and chased after the sneaky little sun. We sat in our Crazy Creeks on a mound. With our guards down, eyes wide, and cocoons activated, we waited. Then, in a glow of celebration a hard work day melted into a peaceful night. It was all going to be okay.


We spent the night on a wide shoulder with a magnificent view. At 6 the next morning, we got up to enjoy the rising sun. The cold air seemed to release the pressure from my aching head. The transcendent view from our spot made my big problems feel insignificant. I felt so small, yet safe and free. I could breathe and laugh and simply slowdown in my little chair on that huge mountain. I believe that experiences in nature connect people back to themselves and to the land. I believe in making space in the chaos to be reverent because doing so shapes and builds people into more loving individuals. Patience, love, joy, and an endless list of positive attributes all stem from reverence acquired through nature. When we had taken in the view, we journeyed back down the mountain, ready to enter back into reality and feeling more equipped to take on the challenges that waited for us there.


The next time you feel the treacherous rush start to loom over you, run to nature and make space for reverent moments. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your Crazy Creek (nobody wants a pine-needle butt).

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