The Best Backpacking Camp Chairs

We say it, you say it, and Outdoor Gear Lab continues to share their Crazy Creek love with us! We aspire to have our chairs tested and examined under the microscope by the experts and love to share these results with you in case you’re on the edge about your next backpacking chair!

Close up of the Crazy Creek PowerLounger to show the buckle and mesh material

Outdoor Gear Lab is committed to testing outdoor products to their fullest extent in every possible category – like our Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger! Outdoor Gear Lab researched 50 of the most popular Backpacking Camp Chairs on the market and carefully selected 9 of their favorites to test hands-on in the field. They spent weeks reclining, resting, and soaking in the sun (sounds horrible right) to bring you the most comprehensive chair review on the web. The chairs traveled to different terrains such as the beach, the mountains and even around town to find the best sit with balance, comfort and weight distribution in mind. Not satisfied yet? They even traveled to the west coast to the High Sierras for some more rugged environments to test the HEX 2.0 PowerLounger. Think throwing it off a cliff and holding up the chair against the highest winds — always fun to paint a picture.

Since this is a backpacking review, we know that you’ll be looking to count every ounce. The PowerLounger is the second lightest taco style chair in their review. With the dual option to use the PowerLounger as a sleeping pad this could serve both purposes and still keep your pack light as ever.  The material of the chair is soft and comfortable letting your arms open freely. Designed for easy transport, the PowerLounger rolls up easily and even features a handy strap and buckle to strap to the outside of your pack or easily squeeze into any mesh side pocket. Ultimately, the high back and soft material of this chair and the pure versatility of the product lead to winning their Editor’s Choice Award.

Full shot of the HEX 2.0 Power lounger

“We found the Hex 2.0 PowerLounger to be comfortable, practical, and hands-down the best backpacking chair tested. It’s versatility allows it to be a chair, lounger and sleeping pad making it an excellent backcountry adventure partner. We loved the bottom, leg length design that protected our legs from itchy weeds, grass and other rough surfaces.” – Outdoor Gear Lab

To find their full review take a peak here: Full Review

Outdoor Gear lab Editors choice award

We are proud to have won the Editors’ Choice award for the second year in a row! Make sure to check out their full review before your next purchase and head out to those mountains in style!

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