Top 10 Spring (and Summer) Skiing Essentials

By: Clara Greb

Whether it’s in a resort or the back country, these are my top essentials for a great spring and summer of skiing!


1) GORE-TEX ® Shell and Pants

My choice is the Patagonia W’s Untracked Kit. Equipped with pit zips and the durable water repellent finish, perfect for wind and changing weather conditions.

2) Packable down

Packable downs reduce the weight and space used in your pack while keeping you prepared for unpredictable spring weather.

3) Goggles with blackout lenses

Blackout lenses are great for super bright conditions, making it a lot easier on your eyes when the sun reflects off the snow during those bluebird spring days!

Women holding a snack bar while on skies and wearing a helmet and googles

4) Vented Helmet

Protect your noggin with vents that allow heat to escape when temperatures rise.

5) Sunscreen

SUPER IMPORTANT!! The elevation along with the sun reflecting off the snow will undoubtedly cause burns, frequently on your face. This can make for a painful few weeks, especially if you plan on skiing a lot of days. Re-exposing your burns will cause lasting skin damage. This can easily be prevented with the right sunscreen. I highly recommend Stream2Sea sunscreen, they create eco-conscious skin care products for skiing, swimming, hiking, etc.

6) BUFF®

Another good sun protection measure. Find an array of UV products here.

Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Chair strapped to a backpack on the ski slopes

7) Crazy Creek Products

The Hex 2.0 Chair is great to have when you just want to sit there! Whether it’s taking a lunch break or watching an event on the mountain (pond skim anyone?) this chair has your back, literally! With its ability to roll up compactly, it’s ideal for times when space and weight are important factors.

8) Snacks

Orgain protein bars are by far my favorite on the go snack. They are clean, plant based, low in sugar, contain 10 grams of protein, and are easily digestible. Taking up minimal room in a pack, these are my go to option. I also highly recommend the other products from their plant based line, including pre-made shakes and powder. I love storing these in a cooler and having them in the car after a great day of hard skiing.

Women holding a camera

9) Camera

Capture all your adventures!

10) Music/Headphones

Good music goes great with skiing. Just make sure you are aware of your surroundings, especially what’s behind you. I like to ski with one headphone in and one out so I have a good idea of my surroundings. Here is my current playlist on apple music, which includes a wide variety of tunes from country to reggae and everything in-between.

Always carry a beacon, shovel, and probe. Make sure your beacon is on and fully functioning with good batteries. When skiing, one should always stay within their abilities, monitor snow conditions, and be aware of their surroundings.

Have fun out there!

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