5 Winter Seasonal Benefits

For those counting down the minutes till Spring again, you may have realized the winter solstice was on December 21st – meaning the sun was right over the Tropic of Capricorn. In the Northern Hemisphere we see this as the start of the winter season. Whether this makes you jump for joy, or crawl into a black hole, there’s no denying…winter is upon us.

Don’t fret! We have been sent to you to boost the mood with some benefits of the winter solstice. Let’s go with it and embrace the chilly winds, y’all!

1) Find the Yogi Within

Yoga practice during the winter months can incorporate periods of quiet reflection and longer periods of relaxation. During the winter months, you will want to take your workout indoors – so why not add some flow to your next routine! Warm and hot classes will take you away from the dark and cold outdoors into a gentle and moving practice. Go on, sweat it out!

2) Take Some Time for Yourself

Your body is programmed to sleep deeper in the winter months taking the time to rest and reboot before spring arrives. Take this time to meditate, read a book, simply silence your phone or #sitthere in your Crazy Creek Chair. Make a quiet space in your house where you can relax. Basically – channel your inner hibernating bear.

Lady sitting in a crazy creek chair eating food with a mountain in the background

Instagram Credit: @miniuii

3) Change up your eating habits

Each season has its own seasonal foods. Eating what’s in season is proven to be better for your health and lifestyle.  Pack your meals with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber to keep your mood upbeat and out of that lethargic pattern some see in the darker months. Try some hot water with lemon or a blend of your favorite tea for a quick mood booster!


Instagram Credit: @liveoutsideandplay

4) Renew old vows or promises

This is a great time of the year to renew any vows or promises you may have with someone. New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner! Make a list and jot down some things you want to try or expand on in 2018. Got your eyes on a first descent? New tricks? New country? Perhaps some more backpacking or longer hiking trips? We agree! What’s stopping you?

5) Climb those Mountains

To be honest… this is the best mood booster of them all! Sure, it’s cold out and there’s snow on the way to the trailhead – but as long as the roads are safe to drive the hike is waiting for you even more beautiful then ever. Just be careful – the snow and ice may make the trek more difficult.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, don’t forget to rest at the top in your trusty Crazy Creek Original Chair. 

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