How-to Guide: Cooking While on the Trail

Going hungry while on the trail is never an option. Nothing ruins a beautiful hike more then a growling stomach! While granola bars and protein snacks are good we think a hot meal nourishes the soul and provides even more energy to move forward, or settles you in for a restful night’s sleep. A couple things to consider include the gear to cook a hot meal, making room in your pack and making sure to bring a bear bag and leave no trace! Relax in your Crazy Creek Portable Chair and settle in for some yummy tips.

Crazy Creek Camping Chair and Table for outdoor hiking and meal time

What Tools Do I Need?

While a hot meal may require some extra essentials, still remember to pack light and bring only what you need. There is nothing worse then an overflowing pack trekking up a steep grade! Here are some items we think will come in handy:

  • Water (for cooking and to drink!) Make sure to have plenty of water and a filtration system depending on the length of the hike.
  • A stove and stove fuel. You would be amazed at how small and lightweight these things can be! Don’t forget the fuel or you will be carrying around dead weight!
  • A simple flame, small BIC lighter
  • Cooking pot with a lid. The pot is also great to store items in to make more room inside your pack.
  • Spork or some form of a utensil.
  • Dry bag to store the food tools in and rope to hang the bear bag

Test out your items at home before you leave or take a short hike around town and try everything out before going on a long journey, especially if this will be your main food source! Always good to practice before you hit the trail. Here’s a quick how-to video for more help, good luck!

Crazy creek camping chair around a fire while cooking a meal

What Should I Cook?

Now the fun part, planning out some delicious meals to look forward to after a day of hiking. A couple suggestions include: Packaged meals, pasta, instant rice, ramen noodles, instant soups and sauces, instant stuffing, instant potatoes and tuna. Consider bringing along some favorite spices (onion and garlic powder, basil, pepper). Canned chicken is also a great suggestion to add to any pasta dish for some extra protein. All sounds better then a peanut butter and jelly, right?? Switch it up and get creative as you get the hang of things, let us know what you come up with!

crazy creek chair camp out cooking dinner

How Do I Clean-Up?

Great, we had a delicious meal and feeling replenished and alive! If you are by yourself, with a significant other or close friend I would suggest eating out of the pot so you don’t have to clean bowls or plates. Either way, gently swirl some water around the dishes and either air dry or wipe dry if you brought a small kitchen towel or some paper towels. Air dry is the best way, but sometimes the weather won’t agree with you! Store everything in your designated food bag to make sure the smells don’t get on any of your other gear. Select a tree at least 200 feet away (maybe even a little further…to be on the safe side) and hang your bear bag away from the trunk of the tree and at least 20 feet above the ground. This way those sneaky bears can’t climb up the tree or get the bag from the ground. Here’s a great video for more help!

Happy Trails!

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