5 Tips to Stay Warm While Camping

There is nothing better than fresh cool air and being outdoors no matter the weather! Fall and Winter camping can provide some amazing views, scenery and changes to the landscape. Don’t miss out because you get a little chilly! Here are some tips to stay warm while the sun sets behind the peaks.


Pic: @PolarExplorers

1. Free of charge, jumping jacks!

That’s right! Simple enough, muster up some energy after a day of hiking for some old-fashioned jumping jacks. This will get your blood flowing to crawl into that sleeping bag. Getting into your tent cold will just start you of on a path to more chills and shakes, why not start out right! Snuggle in for a restful night’s sleep.


2. Don’t dress in everything you brought

Layering up before getting into your sleeping bag can actually make your colder, not warmer. Why? Sleeping bags are designed to use your own body heat to warm up the bag while you sleep. If you add-on layers this will block the body heat from circulating and make you colder during the night. Try placing your clothes for the next day in your sleeping bag for a warmer start to the morning! Also, don’t leave your boots outside in the snow, wrap them up in some kind of bag – a plain plastic bag would work great – and place them at the bottom of your sleeping bag if there is room.


3. Good gear always helps

This does not mean breaking the bank or buying every advertised winter gear product in sight. Keep it simple and stick to the basics including warm socks, a woolen or fleece hat, gloves and a good sleeping bag. Do some research as the most expensive item out there does not necessarily mean the best. Customer reviews and your local outdoor shop are all great resources. You are not the first person to spent a night out in the cold so take some advice from the pros. A brand new coat or boats would be nice but try out some used items first, at half price and saving the planet!

A good sleeping pad is also a must so the cool from the ground won’t end up in your bones. Did you know our Air Chair Plus also doubles as a full length sleeping pad?


4. Keep Your Sleeping Gear Dry

I know this may be difficult in the midst of a hike, when rain comes pouring down unexpectedly, or the ever so fun mornings of packing up in a storm. Essential for any hike, make sure to have your rain cover for your pack to insure everything, including your sleeping bag, stays dry for the duration of the storm. Dry bags can also come in handy to store your extra socks and an extra layer of clothes, just in case.


5. Choose your campsite wisely

Yes, the top of the mountain has the best views, but remember to try and find a spot with some wind protection! Look for a lot of tress (not dead trees!), or an area with a hollowed landscape. Camping in the snow? Dig a 1 – 2-inch hole for your tent to protect you from the wind gusts. Last but not least, don’t forget a good sleeping pad to protect you from the cold earth.

Have fun this fall. What are some of your keep warm tips?

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