#MyFirstTime August Winners!

As you may have heard, Crazy Creek turned 30 this Summer! Three whole decades of the original camp chair! To celebrate, we’re collecting all your first Crazy Creek stories and giving away our Retro chair while we’re at it! The original chair from the beginning! This is the last month of our celebrations, and here are our two winners!\

1. Mike Amanuel


“Sharing my 1st Crazy Creek ThermaLounger with my little friend in the warm heart of Africa, on Lake Malawi (circa 1994). Four months of rough travel from Capetown to Nairobi was made bearable by the reliable comfort of my Thermalounger chair. I have never been without a Crazy Creek product in regular use since. Built for Comfort..Built to last!”

2. Jeffrey Rotondo

Jeffery Rotondo‎

“20+ years ago I purchased two long-back Crazy Creek Chairs and I want to thank you for all the years of pleasure they have given me, my wife and now my boys. My boys (now 11 and 14 years old) grew up in your chairs. We used them many times as a pad to change their diapers, as well as a sleeping pad for them. This year Memorial Day Weekend 2017 while backpacking with my boys down Beaver Creek Canyon here in Colorado one of my chairs finally died to the point I can’t repair it anymore. It was hard for me to throw it away considering I had it for 20+ years but that chair served me well. It was like an old backpacking friend. Here is a pic of my boys taken in 2011 kicking back in your amazing product. Time for me to add a new Hex2.0 longback to the family. Peace from Colorado :)”

Mike and Jeffrey win one of our Original Retro Chairs from way-back-when. Congrats!

1020-100 Retro_PurpleTeal

Thanks to all who shared their favorite and first Crazy Creek memories. We’ve had such a good time reading through them all. Here’s to another 30 years – and beyond!


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