5 Tips to Help you Survive Travel Time

Traveling can be some of the most fun you’re ever had, or some of the most painful miles you can log. With the Summer season winding down and Fall hot on its heels, the travel schedule is still in full swing. Whether you’re heading across state lines for a killer backpacking trip, trying to squeeze in that last vacation overseas, or heading out on the road to school tournaments and activities, we have a few suggestions to keep travel time to your destination a good time for everyone.

Road trip bus

1. Listen to Something Good

No matter how you travel – be it by plane, train, car, bike or by foot – nothing improves travel time like listening to something good in your headphones. Put together a killer playlist on your iPod, turn up your thumbprint station on Pandora, or download a few podcasts to entertain your brain. If you don’t remember to do anything else before you head out on your trip, definitely put a little thought into what you’re going to listen to when you’re racking up the miles. When the day gets long all you can always lose yourself in a little music.

Listen to your music through headphones

2. Don’t Skip on Soundproof

Just as important as what you’re listening to, is what you’re listening to it through. If you’re someone who travels a lot it’s definitely worth it to drop a little coin on some smooth sounding headphones. If bikepacking is your thing, consider a great pair of wireless headphones that you won’t have to fidget with on the trail. If you’re traveling a mile-high, definitely invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. HEAR US, not noise-lessening, noise cancelling. Try taking a flight from the Southeast to Asia with a screaming baby and only those airline headphones as a barrier. You will be shelling out every dime you brought to Sky-mall to save your brain! The good ones come with a warranty, so they will be your saving grace for many miles to come.

3. Take Breaks when you Can

We know you can’t exactly pull the plane over when you need to stand up and stretch your legs, but travel can be exhausting and stressful, so you should definitely take breaks when you can. If it’s a road trip and you aren’t on a super strict schedule, pull over at a rest stop, overlook or even a quirky side of the road stand. As awesome as your destination is, you don’t have to wait until you get there to start enjoying your trip. Pack a picnic lunch, stop for an impromptu fitness class, or even a quick photo op. No matter what, do your best not to let the stress of travel weight heavy on your trip.


4. Junk Stops are a Must

If you logging a lot of miles in a vehicle or on foot, get snacks and meals that you don’t get any other time. As much as we want you to pack smart on a long thruhiking trip, we have a hunch that your body wouldn’t mind a couple of extra ounces in your pack for your favorite gas station sweets as a half-day snack. Giving yourself a treat that you don’t normally get, can give you an extra boost during a long haul, and something else to look forward to.


5.  Be Comfortable

We are all about looking good, but during travel time we put the emphasis on feeling good. We don’t necessarily mean you have to be in sweats the whole way, but dress appropriately for what you’re headed into. No new shirt or great shoe is worth freezing to death on an overnight flight, or burning up in a hot car train. Dress for success, with success being as comfortable as you can possibly imagine.


6. Bring a Portable Chair

This may be a no-brainer for us, but travel takes a toll on your body and so sometimes you just need a little taste of home to give you a much needed break along the way. Luckily for you, comfortable, portable chairs are just a quick away. With the HEX 2.0, you can stash your chair wherever convenient and pull it out anywhere from the airport lobby to a random rest stop on Highway 240!

As much time as we spend commuting, planning trips and broadening our horizons it’s important to consider travel just as important as the rest of our trip. That means paying attention to all the details that will give us the most enjoyable trip possible. What are some of your favorite way to make travel time more fun?


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