Ways to Watch the Eclipse Away from the World

Great North American Eclipse, when the moon crosses in front of the sun for about two and a half minutes casting a shadow on the earth. You got your *approved* glasses and  you want to witness this momentous occasion, but if you are anywhere near the path of totality, you’ve heard word that drove of people will be traveling nearby and you are not ready to deal withe crowds. So what can you do to have your eclipse and watch it too? We have a few ideas:


1. Go Camping

We can’t imagine a more magical place to stand in the moon’s shadow than out in the woods. Gather your pals, furry or otherwise, and take your camping gear just deep enough into the woods to get a little seclusion. Not only is the weather perfect this time of year for a cool night of camping, but  if you’re keen enough to score a spot in the woods with a clearing of trees, you can get a (solo) front row seat to an incredible natural phenomenon. If you go the camping route, we recommend you head out at least a couple of days beforehand to ensure finding a spot, and keeping out of the traffic.

2. Paddling Day Trip

While heading out the day of won’t save you completely from the traffic and throngs of people that go along with the GNAE, if you head out early enough in the morning you can still steal a bit of tranquility on the day. If you’re watching in the Southeast, why not take the day from work, grab your paddling gear and head out on your favorite body of water for a day long paddling trip. Depending on where you’re planning on watching the eclipse from, you can time it just right and catch the full shadow while you’re out on the water. You’re sure to remember exactly where you were when you saw it, and hopefully get a little peace to enjoy the moment.scenic-sunrise-1491665057reL

3. Hike an Awesome Trail

If you’re not ready or able to go on an all out camping trip, consider taking one of your favorite nearby trails a few hours before the eclipse and great ready for the show of a lifetime. Being on your favorite trail has more than a few perks. On a Monday, you’re likely to have the trail to yourself, but it can also be a really special place to remember this moment in history. Especially if it’s a trail you already love in the path of totality, you can set yourself up to turn a special event into an incredible day.

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