Summertime Dog Dates

The summer months were made for adventure, and what’s an adventure without man’s best friend? If there were ever anyone worth dating in 2017, it’s definitely your pup, and we’ve got some ideas that are sure to be smiling all summer long.


1. Coffee

One great thing about most coffee shops is that now offer pup cups, so a date with you and your furry friend for a little caffeine (at least for you) should definitely be kicking off your list of must-do’s with your bff.

2. Go boating

Kayaking, SUP, canoeing, yachting whatever you and your pooch fancy, you should definitely take some time in the summer to enjoy the water. Your pupper will happy to be spending some time, and your paddling trip will be enriched with a little furry company.  Just make sure you don’t forget the proper PFD’s for the both of you!


3. Go out for a Photo Shoot

As much as all your friends and family love to see 1,372 photos in the same position on the same couch in your living room – why not consider heading out to get some real photos with Fido? After all, he is family, and he deserves some quality face time – in a frame, on your mantle – with his best smile. And, on the plus side,you won’t have to cut him out or Photoshop a tree over him in a few years!

4. Throw a Backyard Pup Party

We agree it’s treat enough for your best doggo to get to spend so much quality time with you, but, if you really want to treat her, throw a backyard BBQ for your friends and their pups. All your friends can bring dish and you can bring supply the backyard. Consider helping out the pups by providing a little water beyond the bowl for them to enjoy. Try a plastic kiddie pool or even a sprinkler.


5. Take a Sunday Drive

Throw it back to the golden days and take your pal out on the town for a drive, that doesn’t need a destination. Roll the windows down, turn up “who let the dogs out” and just enjoy some R&R together.

6. Ponder Home Improvement

Home improvement problems can be a lot to take on by yourself, but with your best friend by your side, you can handle anything! Luckily for you, most home improvement stores allow your furry friend to shop with you! Pick out paint samples to try, browse light fixtures, even sniff test all the plants until you pick out the perfect greenery for your home.

download (1)

7. Watch the Sunset Together

The perfect end to a perfect day together, watching the sunset with your pup will seal your bonding experiences and let you both enjoy one of the few long nights left of the summer.  Grab a blanket, each of your drinks of choice, and cozy up for a gorgeous sunset together.

We all love bonding with our pups, but sometimes we need a little help planning past the dog park. Try any of these seven doggie date night ideas to spend some quality time with your pup.

Happy Summer to you and your pupper!

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