Six Ways to Make Money for Travel

We’ve all been bitten by the travel bug at one point or another and dreamed about places across the country or overseas that we we could go to. The only problem with that is, that we don’t always have the funds to fulfill our travel dreams. Just so that never happens to you, here are six ways to make extra money for travel:


1. Change Jar

This one may seem a little silly, but it’s surprising how much money you could save in a year just by dropping your extra pocket change in a jar. It’s true that you might not ever make millions, but it’s a great way to make yourself put a away a little extra money that can you can use to supplement a big impromptu trip. Or, if you’re more of a goal oriented person, you can label your jar and save for a special trip you’ve been planning.


2. Ebay/ Etsy Shop

Are you crafty, or have an extra eye for fashion? Set up an Etsy or an Ebay shop and sell your creations for extra cash. If you aren’t much for crafts, but have a fantastic eye for fashion, you can purchase a few thrift finds you can flip them for a profit. Just make sure you put away those profits for safekeeping (until the next plane leaves).

3. Weekly Savings Plan 

If you’ve missed out on the internet lately, there are these awesome savings plans online that you can find that give you an exact detailed system that allows you to save $1,000+ a year (without making you feel like you’re spending tons of money.)


4. Couponing

A great way to save in general, couponing for groceries and other everyday items is a great way to save money anytime, but with only a little extra effort, this can give you some serious cash to getaway more often, whether the trip be big or small.


5. Give up One Luxury per Month

Now is the time for choices, and for you to decide what is more important, a last minute get away in the mountains or eating out one extra time per month? Or getting your nails done one less time, or letting the salon wait just one extra week.

6. Pick up a Side Hustle

I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but we’ve reached the golden age of side hustles and everyone we know has one. You know, a little additional job or a project to make a little extra money in addition to your regular job. Be it babysitting, selling baked goods, being a brand ambassador on instagram, any thing to get you a little extra cash to get you on the road.
There are plenty of ways to save money for travel, without disrupting your everyday life or finances. What are some of your favorite ways to save?

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