5 Tips to Take Your Yoga Studio on the Road

Our fitness routines become pretty significant staples in our day-to-day lives, and we don’t want to have to abandon them just because we’re on the road. One of the most portable fitness routines we’ve come up with to date is yoga on the go. If you’re already a yogi, you know how important it is to keep up with your practice. (When it takes that long to learn an inversion, you don’t want to lose it just because you’re out backpacking for a week!) Here are our 5 best tips to take your Yoga Studio wherever you go:

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1. Make Room for your Mat

It doesn’t matter what you tell us, you’re not going to make it feel like a yoga studio without a yoga mat. Fortunately, it’s the one piece of workout equipment that can be incredibly useful and versatile no matter what type of trip you’re on. No matter what your method of traveling – be it by car, plane or even by foot on a backpacking or camping trip – a yoga mat rolls up for easy travel and can be fairly lightweight. You just need to choose the right mat for your needs. Your yoga mat can also double as a sleeping pad if you are trying to pack extra light!


2. Pack Ambiance

No, we really don’t want you bring candles and incense in your pack and light them in the woods. What we mean is don’t skip on the essential oils. Essential oils can really enhance your practice on the go, as well as serve plenty of dual purposes on your trip.  They can serve as anti-inflammatory and other first aid replacements. A little dab on your towel, wrists or clothing can really go the extra mile to give you that same relaxing feeling you get in the studio.

3. Bring Your Instructor With You

As nice as it would be for you to pack up your instructor and take them along with you, we know that’s not always an options. What you can do is take advantage of some of the fantastic yoga instructors on YouTube. While they’ll never take the place of your actual instructor in your heart, they are fantastic for keeping up your practice on the road.


4. Wireless Headphones

What better way to listen to your instructor on the road that with wireless headphones. You can’t always choose the noise outside of your tent, hotel or mother-in-law’s house, but you can always cancel it out out with a great pair of wireless headphones. Wireless headphones will move with you in all your poses and you don’t have to worry about any of those pesky wires to get in your way.


5. Modify Your Practice

The best tip we can give you is not to let the break in routine mess with your practice. Doing your yoga in a new place can be a great way to strengthen your practice and build your stamina. Changes happen in your travels all the time, and learning to be able to meditate through them adds another problem-solving skill to your repertoire.

It’s as simple as that! Keeping up with your practice, or starting a new practice, will also help improve strength and stability while on the trail! What are your favorite yoga positions?




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