How to Start Being a ‘Runner’

The fourth of July cookout is over, you’ve eaten your weight in hot dogs, and are now looking for an active way to get outside and play. It may be old school, but what about running?! Running is an excellent form or cardio to either maintain your best body yet and keep you in an overall healthier lifestyle.
Regardless of your reason for wanting to be a runner, finding the right place to start can sometimes be difficult. We’re here to help with some of our best tips on how to become a “runner”.

1. Start Sloooow

No one can walk before they run, and that is totally ok! Don’t be ashamed to start slow with you’re running routine – you’ll be much more likely to last if you do. Go your pace and with gradual progress and regular runs, you’ll be running your first 5k in no time.

new shoes

2. Get Some Cool Gear

If you look good, you feel good – and if you feel good, you run good! Having some new gear to look forward to will help you past those early stages of inconsistency. While you’re getting fresh kicks be sure to ask around the runner community about which brands are best for specific types of running. Depending on if you want to be a road runner, trail runner, or hit the track, your footwear can make a huge difference.

3. Write a Plan Ahead of Time

Especially at the start, it can be hard to gauge exactly where you are with your running fitness. On your first day, you may be able to go a lot further than what you have planned for that slow start, but you’ll be feeling that first day all week long. Take some time to write out a plan for yourself and give it a little time for you to start to feel the results. It may feel easy at the start, but it’s better to gradually increase, than to start out too fast and ruin the hobby for you.

walking as a group

4. Listen to Your Body

You definitely want to write a plan, but nothing you write should be law over what your body feels. While you definitely want to press on even when times get tough, you don’t want to over-do it just because it’s written down. As you continue, you will find the right balance between the written workout and what your body needs.


5. Stretch it Out

While we’re listening to our body, make sure you allow time in your workout for a good stretch before and after your workout. In order to give yourself the best run possible, make sure you’re warming up and cooling down with a good stretching workout.

trail running

6. Limit Competition to Just Yourself

We’ve talked about writing your plan, and listening to your body, but another key component to ensuring your personal success is not stacking it up against someone else’s. While you’re nailing down your routine as a runner, try your best not to compare your progress with another person’s. We are all made different and the starting process is different for us all.

7. Refuel

Pushing your body to new limits with exercise comes with a need to replace what you’re using up. Be sure you’re adding a little additional protein to your diet to have your muscles rebuild after your workout. If you’re looking to running for a healthier lifestyle, be mindful of your portions, but don’t be afraid when you’re appetite increases with the added activity. running in the city

8. Stick with it

Most importantly, do your very best to stick with it once you get started. There will definitely be days that your workouts are easier and more exciting than others; but don’t let the hard days hold you back. When you have the days where it’s difficult to get out there and get moving, remember that just getting out there is progress from when you started. We believe in you!

Becoming a runner doesn’t take a whole lot to get started, but the real reward comes once you stick with it. So get out there and get going in some way, we can’t wait to cheer you on!

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