Summer 2017 Bucket List

Summer is upon us and we are ready to play. We want to get outside and try new things and sleep under the stars. The long days and warm nights tempt us to change our lives and explore new possibilities. We keep thinking about all the things we want to do, and places we want to go, and we have to let it out.


1.Go to a theme park

We’ve all been through the painful detachment of getting really excited about summer and then realizing that you’re now an adult and that means working every day just like all of the other season. But we refuse to let that spoil our fun. We want to go out for a weekend with our friends, and ride every roller coaster until our old-person coaster-vertigo comes in. Eat cotton candy, pay $8.50 for a small Coke, and scream to our hearts content. What else are we supposed to do with the money from working all summer?

2.Take a restaurant food challenge  

Think of every episode of Man Vs. Food that you’ve ever seen, and that one that seemed to be made for your taste buds and you sit there thinking “I could do that.” Find the closest one to you and you eat those torture wings, or that 4 lb breakfast omelet, or that death by pizza, and you win that t-shirt, and get your photo up on the wall. And if you don’t? You still had an amazing meal and a goal to aspire to. (Be sure to bring a witness) Pics or it didn’t happen.


3.Give a salamander a forever home

We don’t mean this in the type of way where you were playing in the creek as a kid, and put salamanders and crawdads in you pockets so that your mom or dad found them later in the wash. We mean hiking down to a familiar stream and collecting a slippery little friend and creating them a suitable home. Bonus points if you can find that little green fish net you got when you were 10.

4.Take a climbing/ free climbing class

Getting out and getting high on a rock to non-climber may be a bit intimidating, but you could be missing out on your new favorite outdoor activity if you never try. You can go out with a guide, or even go down to the rock wall at your local YMCA. If you’re already a climber, bless your non-climber friends with a little rock knowledge.


5.Do something that scares you

Not like going to your board meeting in your underwear, or anything like that. But, more like something that you’ve secretly wanted to try but were nervous about not getting it just right. If you go to the lake this summer, try to get up on the wakeboard or water skis. If you usually pass on the mountain bike trek when you go camping, get up and get out. We can’t say don’t be scared, but definitely don’t be scared away.

6.Run a Road Race in a cool city

Whether you are an ultra marathoner or not, getting out and running a road race is always a ton of fun. Pick a city that you’ve always wanted to visit, and see if they are hosting any races during the summer. You can go for the gold or jog your way through to a well-earn growler at the finish line. Need a vacation? Take a friend and make it a weekend


7. Hike a new trail every weekend

We all have our favorite trails that we love to experience in all of the season, but the long days and warm weather give us no excuse not to get out and find new favorite trails in our area. Take advantage of the day light and take a new trail every weekend this summer. Don’t forget to bring your Crazy Creek to enjoy the view!

8.Go up a class in rapids

Summer means one thing in our minds – and that is go ol’ H2O. Swimming holes, waterfalls, pools, lakes, whatever we can get into. We want to take advantage of our newfound bravery to try a new class of white water that is (a little) out of our comfort zone. If you’re new to the water, your next step is easy, all you have to do is get in.


9.Try out an Alternate Fitness Routine

We are not trying to take away your love for running, or stand in the way of your relationship with the gym, but we do want you to try a new, and possibly unorthodox way to fitness. Try Aerial arts, Zumba, kickboxing, salsa classes, tough mudder races, whatever looks intriguing. Don’t pass up a chance to jump in the ring!


10.Fish for Your dinner

All the pro fishers are going to have to tweak this a little to create some challenge, but if you just love to get out there and cast your line, try fishing for your dinner without a backup plan. A little added pressure will make it even more satisfying when your inner warrior cleans and eats that fish – We are hooman, hear us rawr!

These are just a few of our grand plans to make this summer the best one yet! What’s on your agenda?

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