Places to Play on Mother’s Day

Moms, Step-moms, Grandmas, mothers-in-law, teachers, coaches, next-door neighbors – Mothers come in many shapes and sizes. No matter what name your Mom answers to, she deserves some extra love on her day this Sunday. Send her flowers, write her a card, buy her a gift, do all these things to show her how grateful you are for making you awesome. But, if you really thought about it, you know that if she could have anything on Mother’s Day it would just be time with you! So, if you want to do something special with mom, but don’t know where to start, try these ideas to give her a little EXTRA love this year.


1. Go for a Picnic

The best thing about having Mother’s Day in May is the weather. If you know a great hike, pack up your mom and a great lunch that she loves and get outside! She’ll love the views, the thought, and not having to make lunch!

2. Plant some Succulents

Help mom breathe easier and think of you all year long with some indoor succulent planters. Grab a few succulent plants, some potting soil and some crafty containers of your choice and you and mom can spend the afternoon putting together an extravagant (or not) indoor planter. If the kiddos are helping, or you’re making something for Gigi, they can each decorate a special pot while you plant. The best thing about succulents? They are easy to take care of so they can bring a little green without giving mom another life to think about!


3. Fall into the tourist trap

Nothing makes mom feel closer to you than being “one of the guys” for a day. Pick your favorite tourist activity that you thought you’d never try, and take mom out on the town for a shamelessly good time. Take great pictures, laugh a lot, and just enjoy each other’s company – just like she did for you when you were little.


4. Teach Mom Something New

Have a favorite hobby or activity that you never thought mom would like to try? (Chugging wine in your living room while you watch How to Get Away with Murder doesn’t count.) But, if you love mountain biking, playing tennis or taking spin classes, take mom out for a day of adventure and she might surprise you. She might even take you out for ice cream afterward 😉

5. Hit up a local brewery

Children of trendy moms unite! You know how she would always ask you where you were going and who you were going with? Now she can see exactly where you love to go and why you love to go there.  You and mom can sample some local IPA and you can learn all of the things your dad did in college but told you not to do. We like Red Lodge Ales – a local favorite!

Anything you can do with mom on Mother’s Day will be just what she wanted to do, but why not try something new and make some memories with whomever is mom to you!

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