We’re Turning 30!

This year is our 30th anniversary! Happy birthday us! Do you remember your first Crazy Creek? Share your memory with us @crazycreekk using #MYFIRSTTIME! We’ll repost our favorite ones and award 2 lucky winners a month with our Retro Chair to celebrate!


Our favorite so far comes from Valerie Ann. Take a seat (preferably a Crazy Creek!), and read on!


“The Tragic Story of My First Crazy Creek #myfirsttime :
Years ago my boyfriend, John, lived in a beautiful old house in Charleston, SC right on the corner of a buzzing, popular street. After dating for quite some time, we decided to move in together. I packed up my things and moved into the charming house on the busy corner. While unpacking it became clear that a yard sale was imperative. So, we piled up our unwanted belongings, posted some signs, and stirred up some lemonade- the yard sale was a go. After some hours of haggling, we were not profiting, nor purging as much as we had hoped. So, in order to find more things to make $$$ on, John started rummaging through what he perceived to be piles of junk still inside the house. I had taken a little break. A few minutes later, I walked outside just in time to watch John sell my bright blue Crazy Creek from the sidewalk to an unknown man in a white pick up truck stopped at the corner through his rolled down window for $5! HE SOLD MY CRAZY CREEK LIKE IT WAS A BURGER AT A DRIVE-THRU! I immediately started for the truck hollerin’; “MY CRAZY CREEK! THATS MY CREEK! NOT FOR SALE!” Unfortunately, the transaction had already been completed and the man in the white truck drove quickly off into the hot summer glare. He had apparently yelled at John from his idle truck (This part is better if you yell the following phrase in a hyperbolic southern accent.) “HOW MUCH FOR THE CRAZY CREEK?” And just like that, my creek was gone. Luckily, my best friends in the world, who also have, and religiously use, Crazy Creeks, surprised me at work a few weeks later with a brand new hunter green Crazy Creek.
John and I are still together and v much in love. He is apologetic for the incident and reverent of my feelings for a good Crazy Creek, although, he does not yet have his own creek and often says “man, a Crazy Creek would be handy right now”. Which is of course met w a hardy eye roll from yours truly. But best off all, my awesome new hunter green Crazy Creek is chock full of love, friendship, and a memory that brings laughter to the folks who mean the most to me. Out w the old, in w the new.”

We can’t wait to hear more memories of our 30 wonderful years!

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