Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Traveling is one of the great pleasures of life. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing what exotic places and cultures are really like. These days however, traveling has become pretty expensive. Between flights and hotels, food and car rentals, the average trip can become more than people are willing to spend. Don’t fret, you can travel on a budget and still have a blast! Here are some great tips.


1) Plan Ahead

You will tend to get better fares and deals if you plan your trip well in advance. There are some exceptions to this rule with last minute deals, but there’s often a catch or additional fees involved. Many hotels and travel sites offer early bird discounts when you book ahead of time that are worth checking out. You can compare hotels and flights and keep an eye on prices in case they drop. Planning ahead will also allow you to slowly pay for your trip, or save up to have extra fun money once you go!


2) Book in the Off- Season

Wherever it is you’re hoping to travel to, the destination likely has an off-season where prices will be much more reasonable. Peak seasons will vary depending on where you’re wanting to visit. Holidays and spring and summer break seasons will always be more expensive times to travel, so avoid going then if possible. Off season will usually be less crowded also, which allows you to see and do the things you want to do without tons of people everywhere. Comparing prices from peak and off season will save you a big chunk of change for basically the same vacation!


3) Look for Price Alerts

These days you can set up price alerts to let you know if certain flights or hotels fall within a certain price range. You can use different apps and websites like Airfare Watchdog to keep an eye on hot deals even while you sleep! Travel sites are sneaky, and the pricing will actually increase as you keep searching over and over. This way you can keep a pulse on that dream vacation destination as soon as it’s within your financial reach. Why pay the difference when you can’t see the difference?!


4) Bring Carry-On Only

Now many airlines are charging a fee for every checked bag. A tip for saving a little here is to only carry on. This is also fantastic when your bag makes it to your destination, and you can head right on your merry way. The land of baggage claim is not fun, especially when your bag has taken a detour. Carrying on will allow you to save some money for your trip, and if you’re traveling to multiple places it’s more convenient than cumbersome luggage.


5) Spend Wisely!

Once you’re on your amazing and budget friendly vacation, be sure to monitor your spending. Souvenirs are great, but their cost can add up quickly on one tee shirt here and another hat there. Try and find a shell or a pebble as a great souvenir instead! You also want to find free things to check out like parks, historic walks and open air museums. Check sites like Groupon to check for fun things to do and eat at discounted prices. Consider cooking some meals where you’re staying with fresh local ingredients instead of dining out every night.

The trip of a lifetime shouldn’t take a lifetime to save up for! Start planning today, and use these tips to book your next dream vacation at a price you can afford. Happy travels!





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