Alternative Workout Routines

Working out can be something we look forward to, or something we dread. Walking endlessly on a treadmill every morning can become boring pretty quick – until you zone out and fall off. These days there are tons of fun and exciting ways to burn calories besides Jazzercise. Here are a few we want to try!


Circus Dreams

Watching the high flying trapeze artists in the circus as a child was mesmerizing for most. You can live out your childhood fantasies by trying out the art of trapeze for yourself! These trapeze centers are becoming very popular and have outdoor as well as indoor gyms to try. This is a great upper body workout particularly for your lats and shoulders, but also an amazing core workout. This is also a good exercise in trust –  especially if you bring along your best buddy in hopes they’ll catch you swinging from bar to bar!


Aerial Namaste

We all love yoga, but now we can do yoga while balancing perfectly in harmony in the air! This is similar to aerial silk classes, but implements yoga positions while in a large silk hammock that’s hung from the ceiling. The resistance of the hammock plus gravity help you during this great core workout to manipulate and maneuver your body in all kinds of ways. Aerial yoga helps to elongate your spine and takes pressure off your joints. You can test out positions you normally would not be able to achieve just on the ground.


Working out can become monotonous, but not when you’re doing something fun! Zumba is a latin style fitness dance class that has been gaining popularity for years. You can dance away the calories while just having a blast! Zumba is a great group workout and you can bring along friends to join in with you. This workout implements specific movements to target core muscles as well as burn calories. The atmosphere is lively, and you’ll dance through an hour workout before you even know it. If you haven’t given this one a shot, put on your dancing shoes and find a class near you!

6286862225_cd8e0b657b_b.jpgHula Girl

The ever popular hula hoop is not just a child’s play thing. Hula hooping is a crazy amazing core workout! Hooping is a great way to sculpt out your abdominal muscles, and you can use the hoop to work on your whole body head to toe. Try a class, or start with the basics at home then you can build up your skills. Once you get confident, you can add other moves and hooping styles to work different areas. Getting a great workout while having fun and feeling nostalgic? Sounds good to us!

Surf’s Up!

Surfing is a great workout, but maybe you don’t live near the beach? No problem, you can now try indoor surfing – Surfset! The Surfset board mimics the movement of a surfboard on the water and works as a balance trainer. This is another great core workout, but is also great for improving stability and muscle tone. You can either attend classes, or get a board to hang ten in the comfort of your own home. Surfset is great in that in engages muscle groups all over your entire body and is fun at the same time!

Get off that boring treadmill and into a fun, new fitness routine! Working out doesn’t have to be boring, and if you hate your workout you’re much less likely to go. Give one of these fun alternative classes a try instead!

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