Tips for Traveling Like a Pro

Traveling is the best. Seeing new places and going on adventures in foreign lands is always so inspiring. Sometimes though, when we’re planning for vacations we forget about the things that may go wrong: getting lost, missing flights, forgetting something important at home, or finding the best ways to see everything we want to see jam packed into a short stay. We’ve gathered some tips and suggestions for your next travel plan so everything runs smoothly and you have the best.vacation.ever!



Early Bird Gets the Worm

Though some of us would prefer to sleep in late while we’re on vacation, this also cuts into time you could be out doing awesome things. Get up early and carpe diem! This gives you a great start to the day and ample time to do lots of things and see lots of sights. Often, if you’re in a popular tourist destination, lines and crowds are much less in the morning. There’s also really beautiful morning light and sunrises (if you’re a super duper early riser) that are begging to be photographed! Get up, and get out. It’s also a nice excuse to eat a big and delicious hearty breakfast to jumpstart your activities…like you needed an excuse.


Cash Money Honey

In case your wallet gets stolen or you max out all your credit cards on an impromptu shopping spree, have some stashed cash with you. It’s a good idea to keep around $100-$200 in cash hidden somewhere in your room, luggage or on your person in case of emergencies or if your cards suddenly stop working. A great idea would be inside your sock or under shoe inserts. If you make it the whole trip without needing the extra loot, maybe you can spend it on a nice souvenir or fancy last dinner at the end of your trip! Or money to print all your awesome photos out and have them framed once you get home. If you’re traveling abroad, it’s also worth calling your bank to let them know you’ll be out the country – they’re less likely to put a fraud lock on your card then if you use it overseas.



Carry On to Carry On

We all know luggage gets lots sometimes, which is a pain and a hassle. If possible, try to only bring a carry on bag for your trip to avoid the dreaded land of baggage claim. If you have to check a bag, remember to put some necessities in your carry on luggage. Any electronics and chargers, medication, toothbrush, and an extra pair of undies are all great items to have on hand in case your luggage takes a detour to Timbuktu and back. If you’re going somewhere tropical and fabulous, consider putting your swim trunks or polka dot bikini in your carry on so you can have fun in the sun while your luggage catches up. The Hip Ditty is also a great idea for stowing your must haves – perfect for snacks, toiletries and your bikini!


Beware the WiFi

If you’re in a restaurant called Silly Pirate Pete’s Crab Shack, the Wifi with the same name isn’t necessarily the service and signal that Pirate Pete has set up for you. Scammers and hackers alike are setting up fake WiFi signals in order to get your credit card and other personal information while you’re on holiday. Don’t be victim of identity theft while on vacation. It would be no fun to see your credit card make its way through Europe or South America buying flights and fancy clothes before you do! Be sure the WiFi network you connect with is secure, and ask the employees if they offer free WiFi in the first place. The internet in your hotel is usually a safe bet, but again make sure you’re connecting to the right signal name!



Get Lost and Find Yourself

Don’t always stay on the beaten path, live a little! Be sure to write down the location of your hotel or Airbnb and then just start walking. Make turns, follow your nose, and see where your feet and sense of adventure can take you in this new and exotic landscape. This is the best way to get to know a place, and see what it feels like to actually live there. You may come across a hidden food truck with the best pork carnitas tacos you’ve ever had in your life, or find that unique store that sells these beautiful handmade leather shoes that you don’t know how you lived without for so long. Don’t be afraid to get lost and explore, you can always find a cab or Uber to get back to home base.

It’s time to take some vacation days, and go see something new to re-inspire yourself! Follow these simple suggestions, and your next vacation will be even better than you could have planned for. Rise and shine, prepare for the unexpected and remember not all who wander are lost.

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