Outdoorsy Date Ideas

Sometimes going on a first date can feel terrifying! Especially if it’s in a typical dark and stuffy restaurant. Dinner and a movie is a classic choice, but if you’re just getting to know someone why would you want to sit in silence instead of chatting it up to get to know them? We love the outdoors here at Crazy Creek (obviously!), so we’ve come up with some creative and fun outdoorsy date ideas to jazz up your love life!


Dinner Al Fresco

This may seem obvious, but instead of having dinner out a restaurant why not invite your guest of honor over to cook a beautiful meal together in the backyard or on the patio? You guys can go check out the local farmers market first for deliciously fresh local produce and meats to feast on. If you have never tried grilling your favorite veggies before, run to the farmers market – they’re simply divine on the grill. This recipe for grilled Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter from Taste of Home looks like a good place to start. Set up some fun lighting like tiki torches or string lights to light the night as the sun goes down. Cooking together is a fun and tasty way of getting to know someone, and dining outside on a warm spring or summer evening sure beats the back corner table at that restaurant you can’t even pronounce.



Keep an eye on the weather and the moon cycles for this outdoorsy date idea. Stargazing can provide not only a perfect atmosphere for lively conversation, but whole galaxies to explore and enjoy together. Pick the right night to go, typically chilly nights are better because there’s less humidity to cause haziness. Choose a spot away from the city and light pollution and bring lots of comfy seating and blankets to relax on. This setting is perfect for having interesting conversations away from all the distractions of a busy restaurant or bar, especially with all the beauty and mystery the cosmos has to offer as the backdrop.

Slip & Slide

Who doesn’t love a slip and slide? Seriously? If it’s nice and hot outside, consider setting up an awesome slip & slide in your backyard or neighborhood. Invite some friends over to join in the fun if you’d like! All you really need for this idea is a tarp, hose, a nice big hill and a little inventiveness. Thick plastic sheeting works best, which you can pick up from most hardware store. A slip & slide will make anyone feel nostalgic, and if it happens to be a first date it helps to break down some of the anxiousness and allow you guys to just enjoy and have fun!


Arts and Crafts

Get creative together while enjoying the great outdoors! Grab a giant bucket of that awesome sidewalk chalk we all loved as kids and cover your driveway or sidewalks with your impressive artwork. You can play giant life-sized versions of hangman or tic-tac-toe together. Or consider picking up some white tee shirts and creating some killer tie-dyed shirts together. You can tie dye just about any clothing items that are white, so think of shoes, socks sweatshirts…pretty much anything you want to add awesomeness to. These outdoor crafty date ideas are a fun way to get to see the creative side of that special someone and a great way to get the conversation going!



Invite your date over for a campfire in the backyard. If you have the space and don’t already have a fire pit they’re super easy to build! Get the fire going and create a fun space with comfy seating and blankets if it gets cold. Set out a tray with deluxe s’mores or cocktail fixings to enjoy! These 10 Warm Camping Cocktails from Hipcamp.com all look delicious, so give one a test run for your dessert and drinks campfire date. The crackling of the fire, and the smell of toasted marshmallows will liven any mood and you can enjoy each other’s simple company by the firelight.

Get outside for your next date and enjoy your love of the great outdoors and each other at the same time! Have some fun, and enjoy the simple little things that make it all worthwhile like slip & slides and s’mores.




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