Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Try This Summer

It’s the first day of Spring which means our beloved summertime is only a few short months away! With Summer comes warmer days, cool nights, and most activities are spent preferably outdoors. Summer is a great time to entertain outside as well, and invite the whole crew over for a backyard soiree! This year may be perfect to spruce up your favorite outdoor space, or create an entirely new one. These cool outdoor decorating ideas will add pizzazz to any outdoor space, from backyards and porches to small rooftops in the city.


Vertical Garden

If you’re short on outdoor space, but have always longed for your own garden, consider creating a vertical garden. These gardens or living walls as they’re often called can be grown on a trellis or in a group of fabric or felt pouches that are hung. There’s a wide variety of beautiful plants that will thrive growing vertically. You’ll need to anchor your garden structure first, then decide which plants and layout you like best. Remember to take into account what direction the wall will be facing to ensure your plants get the proper amount of sunlight, and that higher plants can shade the lower level ones so choose accordingly!


Water Feature

Adding a beautiful water feature to your backyard or outdoor space doesn’t have to be a hassle or cost an arm and a leg. A bird bath is the easiest and most inexpensive route, and the feathery friends it will attract will brighten up your space all on their own. You can pick up an outdoor water fountain from your local hardware or home supply store as well that will add the wonderful sights and sounds of flowing water we all love. Wayfair.com has a dizzying array of fantastic fountains and they usually offer free shipping too! You can also really step up your outdoor decorating if you have the space by installing your own pond or larger water feature, perhaps that Koi pond you’ve always dreamed of! With prefabricated pond molds at the hardware store and the help from some friends with the promise of burgers after, you can have your own unique and beautiful water feature in no time.



Typically our outdoor entertaining during the summer months runs into early evening and nighttime. Surprise all your guests by turning on your fabulous outdoor lighting once the timing is just right. This helps keep the party going as well as adding character and uniqueness to your outdoor space. Hardware stores and home supply stores have all kinds of outdoor lighting options to choose from including string lights and walkway lighting. You can find beautiful lanterns or globes to illuminate your night, even solar lighting that charges during the daytime with the sun’s rays. Candles and tiki torches are always a great option too, especially ones with citronella to keep the bugs away!



Unique Seating

If your table and chairs have seen better days, consider sprucing them up or upgrading! Bringing indoor furniture outdoors can create a funky and fun environment for your next get together. Consider mixing and matching different colors and patterns, and have fun with it. You can breathe new life into old chairs and tables with a new bright paint job! Also if you’re short on seating you can put blankets down on the yard with comfy cushions or your favorite camping chairs. If you’re short on space, a nice pop of color with your chairs or small table will add life to your outdoor sanctuary.


Get Creative!

Adding some of your own art pieces will liven up any outdoor space, and also create a fun and unique project for you and your family or friends to do. Lots of art pieces can be created that can withstand the elements, or can even be improved by them. Consider painting on some metal scraps or go check out the local flea market and thrift store for an existing piece you can add your own spin to! Lots of materials can be refurbished like wooden pallets, stained glass, old windows and statues or even old glass bottles and cans that can become new funky planters. Let your imagination run wild, and you’ll end up with an outdoor space that’s as unique and one of a kind as you are!

Any one of these cool decorating ideas will add that special touch to your favorite outdoor space so try one, or try them all this summer. Enjoy the warm summer nights ahead and hanging with your favorite folks to talk about the day’s adventures in your newly upgraded outdoor paradise!




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