Tips for Taking Photos on Your Phone

We all do it; rely on our phones as our go-to cameras and our go-to on about 100o other things as well. These days we always have our phones with us, and sometimes it’s our best bet to capture a moment or get that perfect shot. Phones are getting snazzier and snazzier everyday and the cameras and their features are getting upgrades too, so you can take some pretty awesome shots with your mobile device. The following is a list of tips  and tricks for improving the quality of your phone photos that we know you’re bound to take. Happy snapping!


Set Up!

The first trick to better phone photography is to clean your lens. This may sound obvious, but the lenses which are often located on the back of our phones can get gunked up or splotchy with grease and grime or water spots. Use a soft cloth like you would to clean your glasses to wipe the lens carefully so you’re starting fresh. Also, check your settings and set for the highest resolution and megapixel possible. If you take a great shot, you’ll want greater resolution for when it’s printed and proudly displayed on the wall or mantle!


Avoid Low Light

Sometimes this just isn’t possible, but low light settings for a camera phone are tricky. The small sensors the camera uses cannot run at high ISO speeds without losing quality. If you just have to get that shot, consider what artificial light sources you might be able to use. Fluorescent lighting is not ideal, as it can cause funky green effects on your images…unless you like funky green things! Also try and hold the phone as stable as possible in low light settings. You can use a chair or a friend’s shoulder if need be for an impromptu tripod.


Highlights and Reflections

Playing with reflections and highlights can be really interesting, and make for some awesome shots. These so called “hot spots” in your frame can cause the camera to either underexpose the rest of the image or blow out the highlights in the rest of the shot. We all know how those sunrise pictures can come out with your friends in total darkness. Shiny surfaces are great to photograph, but the reflection can cause this blown out highlight where there’s really no information for the camera to record. Try shooting these types of situations with cloudy weather or try different angles to re-direct where the light is being reflected.


Negative Space

Don’t be afraid of the negative space in your images, it can really add character and interest. Choose one subject to focus on, and play with the negative surrounding space in an image. Who says your mom has to be right in the dead center of every shot? Put her off to the left and get the rest of that cool art deco building in the shot. When you include negative space around your subject, it puts the focus on your subject and creates a stronger image.



Find New Perspectives

Move around, look at life from different angles. The beauty of taking pics with your phone is that you can get all kinds of impossible shots. Shoot from the hip, or even better hold your phone literally on the ground and use the side volume or toggle button which often will double as a camera shutter option. You’ll end up with all kinds of unique pictures and surprise yourself with your camera phone photo taking abilities!

When you’re caught in the moment without your camera and all you have is your phone, step your photography game up and get the shot! Experiment with your settings and perspectives to enhance your pictures. Remember to get some of your images printed and don’t just leave them on your phone to scroll through on your lunch break at work! There are great apps like Social Print Studio that give you all kinds of awesome print options for not a lot of dough. Make sure to share all your fabulous images from our fave followers and enter our photo contest with the #caughtsittingthere!




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