3 DIY Nature Craft Ideas

We all know how good for the soul and spirit spending time outdoors is, or if you don’t, it’s true ya know! Experiencing nature face-to-face and spending time outside in our favorite places can bring back wonderful memories and create new ones. If you’re someone who enjoys getting crafty, or even if you haven’t spent much time creating lately, pieces from nature can be an inspirational place to start. There are all kinds of unique craft ideas using found items from nature that give you a way of bringing your favorite outdoor spots into your home. Here are three crafty nature projects that you can delight in year round all from the comfort of your favorite Crazy Creek chair.7990549661_8e1b15a7a4_b

Nature’s Time Capsule

The next time you take a hike, or go on an awesome camping trip with your favorite furry or human friends, keep an eye out for unique objects along the way. It might be a pine cone from the tree your tent was under, or a smooth river rock from the banks where you went bellyaking. Next, find a glass container you like the look of. Mason jars work great, especially old ones you might find at a yard sale. Put each of the special items in the jar, maybe even include a picture from the day. Screw on the lid, and Presto! Instant beautiful time capsule and art piece for your home. A daily reminder trapped in time of the perfect day at the lake. Plus, kids will LOVE foraging for their favorite items to collect.

via thewonderforest.com

Woodland Twig Vase

This crafty vase is easy to make and super chic! First, you’ll need twigs. Next an empty coffee can, black paper, and your trusty hot glue gun. You’ll want the twigs all roughly cut to be one inch higher than your can. Cover the can with the black paper so you won’t see the can showing through and begin to glue the twigs on one by one. Go back and fill in any holes with tiny twigs if need be, and when you’re finished you can add a ribbon or twine for decoration. The Wonder Forest has a great step by step guide with images. You’ll have to fend off the compliments on this piece with a stick!

via Fab Art DIY

Painted Rock Cactus

All the beauty of a cactus without the prickles! All you need for this one are some smooth rocks you’ve gathered along your journeys, green and white paint, and a flower pot or plant container. Paint all your rocks different shades of green, then paint white spines on one by one. Put extra rocks or sand in your pot to anchor your “cacti” upright once they’re dry. Here are some step by step directions from Fab Art DIY. Beautiful year round, and never needs watering!

Hopefully these ideas will get the creative juices flowing, and inspire you to bring a little bit of nature into your home environment. See where your imagination takes you!

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