Ideas to Beat Winter Blues

It’s that time of year some of us love, and others of us love to hate…winter. Old man winter has arrived, and for many of us has brought a healthy dose of cold blustery winds and s-n-o-w. Gone are the days of shorts and flip-flops and tubing the river in a polka-dot bikini…sigh. We tend to spend quite a bit more time inside this time of year, and can even begin to experience symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that is caused by not having enough exposure to super fun outdoorsy activities in the sunshine. Don’t fret however, the snow and winter time brings all kinds of fun activities to try out! Give some of these a test run, and stop watching re-runs of Baywatch!

Snow Sculptures

Sure, you can build a snowman or do a snow angel, but why not step your game up big time this year and out do the Joneses? Snow is a great medium to work with to create all kinds of unique artwork and sculptures. First, get yourself a good pair of gloves. This REI Glove Guide is helpful. Next, let your creative juices flow! How about a snow fortress or igloo, or even a snow bar to serve drinks to the neighbors?igloo_00283190

Another great idea for snow sculptures is to add food coloring to water and put into spray bottles to add color to your masterpieces. Wet snow is the best to use for sculptures according to the National Wildlife Federation. You can also go nuts with found objects, or items you already have. Perhaps the snow mermaid in your front yard could use a lovely shell bikini top from your trip to the beach last summer?

Learn Something New

If you do get stuck in side for days at a time due to snow and ice, make sure first of all you have plenty of cookies and hot cocoa. Curl up with your trusty laptop, and teach yourself a new dance from the amazing pages of Youtube. These two fine gentlemen can teach you how to Dougie, and all you need is a little music and style! Another great online resource for learning is TedTalks. There are thousands of talks about all kinds of subjects to peak your curiosity. There is truly something for everyone here, so expand your mind! Here’s a link to a man’s journey to the South Pole to remind you winter isn’t all bad!

Change Your Feng Shui

Our homes and the spaces we inhabit are our own special sanctuary. They should reflect who we are, and be a welcoming  and inviting space to return to day after day. If the winter blues have got you down, consider changing up your decor and realigning your Feng shui. Feng shui is a Chinese system that suggests the arrangement and orientation of objects can help with energy flow. If you’re missing the beach maybe try redecorating your bathroom to look like a tropical paradise! charming-vacation-rental-papetoai-robinson-s-cove-villa_12

No matter what your style is, change can be empowering and exciting. Try out some new bold paint colors to zest up your bedroom or kitchen this year.

Remember, winter is just a phase! This too shall pass and before you know it there will be flowers popping up everywhere.

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