7 Best Canoe Seats

Via Wiki.ezvid.com

We spent 21 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. Canoeing down a river is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, but the hard bench seats that usually come with most canoes can make it hard to go for long distances. If you want a little more comfort or are planning a longer trip, try one of these add-on canoe seats.

7. The Carlisle Old Town Snap-In is frankly an overpriced bench seat, but if you need additional seating in your canoe, at least it can be counted on to fit securely and to support plenty of weight. It’s large enough for two children to use side by side.
Carlisle Old Town Snap-In
6. The Wise 5410-940 may not be all that handsome of a seat, but it is surprisingly comfortable, and that’s much more important than looks. It is made from high impact injection molded plastic and will stand up to years of rough, regular use.
Wise 5410-940
5. The Essex Industries Ash Webbed bench makes a great replacement for a less aesthetically pleasing canoe seat, or can serve as an additional seating area in the middle of your boat. It arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate installation.
Essex Industries Ash Webbed
4. A Crazy Creek Canoe Chair III comes sporting a one-inch thick memory foam pad in the seat, allowing for exceptional comfort even during long trips paddling down the river or while you wait patiently for hours on end for a fish bite that may never come.
Crazy Creek Canoe Chair III
  • extra tall back for ideal support
  • quick release buckles
Brand Crazy Creek
Model 1019
Weight 24oz
ALPS OutdoorZ Weekender
  • durable polyester exterior
  • easily adjustable webbing straps
  • back storage pocket
Brand ALPS OutdoorZ
Model 8419014
Weight 1.7 pounds
2. This Old Modern Handicrafts Fabric seat costs almost half the price of some canoes, but it is as handsome as it is comfortable, and is a luxury item the frequent canoe paddler will appreciate each and every time he or she eases down into it.
Old Modern Handicrafts Fabric
  • great for long canoe trips
  • straps secured by bolts
  • blend of mahogany and cedar woods
Brand Old Modern Handicrafts
Model K041
Weight 13.5 pounds
1. The GCI Outdoor SitBacker can be quickly and easily installed onto most standard canoe seats whether in the front or the back of the boat. They weigh less than three pounds each and easily fold out of the way during storage, or can simply be removed again.
GCI Outdoor SitBacker
  • single buckle auto-fold technology
  • built-in carrying strap
  • great reviews from owners
Brand GCI Outdoor
Model 21010
Weight 3 pounds


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