Fishing Essentials for First Time Fishermen

Fishing has been around for as long we have record for – about 40,000 years! And for centuries, fishing has been a staple in our outdoor life. From a good portable chair, to what to put on your feet, here’s all you need to know to get started:

  • A Beginners Book: We love Fly Fishing for Trout in Streams. A beginner’s book will teach you how to learn some standard knots and casts – a vital part of all fishing. Some advice? Remember to wet your knot before you start – it helps it sit properly!
  • Wading Boots: Felt soled boots are so important when out in the river – you don’t want to fall. After you get your fishing groove, you won’t even think about where you are in the water, so instead of slipping trust your footwear. We like Orvis’ Wading Boots.
  • A Tackle Box: All the ‘tools’ of fishing! Fill your tackle box with extras of everything, including extra line, hooks, bobbers, sinkers, plastic worms and lures. Some needle nose pliers, a small first aid kit, sunscreen and something to cut the line with (like nail clippers!) are great too.
  • A Seat: As much fun as fishing is, there is also quite a lot of waiting around. Our Crazy Legs Quad Chair is a perfect place to do that. Compact, portable and light, this chair is great for schlepping to the riverside and nice and low to connect with the water.
  • Mosquito Spray: Rivers = bugs. Avoid being driven crazy by those mozzies by never forgetting your bug spray! We like Bite Block because it’s all natural and DEET free.
  • A cooler: Refreshments are key! You don’t want to get dehydrated in the summer, or hungry in the winter. Try a super portable version like Ice Mule. You can sling it on your back and only concentrate on the fish!
  • A Jacket: Another way to beat the bugs is to cover up. It can also get a little chilly out there on the water with the breeze. Invest in a solid anorak so it won’t be the weather that ends your fishing trip!
  • A friend: Maybe the most essential of all, bring someone with you. As relaxed as it may seem, it’s super easy to slip and get pinned down from the weight of the river – they are natural and wild and will do what they want! You might even have a bit more fun with someone to share your stories with 🙂

Happy fishing!

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