RV Life with Crazy Creek

There’s nothing like packing up and hitting the open road. Music playing, maps in hand (yes, we still use maps!), and just vacation ahead of you! Here’s what you need to make sure you don’t run over any speed bumps on your adventure.

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Comfy RV furniture

We may be biased here, but our Crazy Legs Leisure Chair is unbeatable in comfort, portability and value. Folding up for easy transportation and storage, our Leisure Chair features a side table, funky prints and a durable aluminum frame. To top it off, you can rest up on the padded armrests and store your mags and sandwiches in the side organizer pocket!


First Aid Kit

You don’t want to drive 400 miles into the desert only to pull up with a splitting headache. To save space and time, pre-pack essential medicines in weekly medicine boxes. Separate each type per unit, and stick the label on to cover up the day! Make sure to pack other First Aid Essentials too, like Band Aids, Antiseptic wipes and ointment and medical tape.

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You for real don’t want to lose your keys, money or cellphone mid-journey! Find an organizer to hang over the front car seats of your RV for an easy to locate ‘stuff drop’ that the whole family can use. You can also store emergency information, maps and a few snacks in there!


Don’t forget the Cooler

Staying hydrated is the key to happiness while on the road. Have a portable cooler will help make those drinks even tastier. Our Crazy Cooler is the perfect model for the road: its shoulder strap, exterior pockets and double toggle zipper also make it ideal for days out of the RV and picnics.

via ‘ashafer’ on thesamba.com

Make Rest Stops Fun

If you’re traveling with kids, the longer journeys might not be the most enjoyable. Reward your little ones (and your pup!) with a homemade hammock to sling up in the cab! You might even make a few other RVers a little jealous with your handiwork…

via builditsolar.com

Stay Warm

Now it’s getting cooler, so will your RV. Keep toasty by sticking some bubble wrap to your windows! The larger bubbles are the most insulating and you can still see a little out of them. Simply cut the bubble rap to size, spray a film of water on the window, apply the bubble wrap while the window is still wet and push gently – it should stick perfectly!

via realsimple.com

Leave No Trace

To make clean up a breeze when hangout outside or for picnics, use a collapsible laundry bin as a trash can. Trash bags fit so perfectly inside them, and when you’re done it all folds completely flat for unbelievable storage. Plus, you’ve probably already got one hidden away in your garage somewhere!

Let’s hit the road y’all!

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