How We All Can Make Camping (Even) Better

In an ideal world, camping is about having a pure experience with nature. But with all the different campsites out there (public and private, messy and tidy, memorable and forgettable), picking a campsite blindly certainly does not guarantee a pure and uninhibited experience with nature.

What makes this process more frustrating is the state of finding a campsite online. You can search for hours without really finding out any relevant information beyond “there is a campsite 21 miles from you.” But is the campsite worth your time? It certainly could be, but you wouldn’t know until you got there!

Think about how strange this is, no images of the sites, no reviews, no ‘insider tips’, in a time you can book a hotel room right off your cell phone and download an app for pretty much anything!

What if we could gather everyone’s camping information and improve everyone’s camping experience?

Well, that’s exactly what we at Crazy Creek are doing along with our partners at The Dyrt! The Dyrt is a platform for user-submitted campground reviews and photos, and all summer long we have partnered with them to get people to share their camping stories, photos and videos.

Now, at the end of the summer, it’s time to look back and ask: has this effort been successful? Will people actually share their stories and photos? It may be a bit early to say (our final contest is still underway –read more here ) but all signs point to one answer: a resounding “Yes”.

We are proud to say that, with over 23,000 user submissions in the last 90 days, campers across the country have poured their camping information into The Dyrt. Campers now have a place to find and submit their camping media!

To celebrate, we want to highlight some of the photos campers have shared with us just in the past week.


From The Dyrt user Kelly K as part of a review of Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area Campground, AZ.


From The Dyrt user Morgan Z at Cave Spring, AZ 


From The Dyrt user Molly G at Lakeview Campground, AZ.


We’re proud to be a part of making camping even better, and happy to say there’s still time left to win prizes in our Arizona contest! Good luck y’all!

So, the next time you #sitthere at a campsite in your Crazy Creek chair, consider taking a pic and helping us make camping even better!

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