A Crazy Creek Chair for Every Adventure

A comfortable seat can take any adventure to the next level, and an uncomfortable seat can do the opposite. At Crazy Creek, our goal is to make comfortable seating available in all situations, whether out in the backcountry or paddling down the Chattahoochee.

Here are some of the different ways you can use a Crazy Creek to level up your adventure.

If you’re a backpacker…

When you’re out in the backcountry with all your gear on your back, the last thing you would think to pack is a chair. But sitting comfortably by the fire makes all the difference in the world to end your day. That’s why we designed the Air Chair Plus.


The Air Chair Plus is designed to fill with air for extra comfort and less overall weight, and it doubles as a sleeping pad, saving precious space in your pack. At $124.50, the two uses and compact size make it the perfect solution to seating while backpacking. Read more here.

PSSTWe’re giving away Air Chair Plus’ all summer long as part of our camping giveaway contests on The Dyrt. Review campgrounds in Arizona, and you could end the summer with a new Air Chair Plus. Check out the contest here.

If you’re a camper…

Camping always involves sitting, and sometimes for many hours. So it’s important to have a heavy-hitting option that lets you sit comfortably the whole time. Our Powerlounger is the perfect solution.

1045-150 PowerLounger

It doubles as a sleeping pad, so you can take its comfort back to your tent. For $67.50 you can get the ultimate camping chair and sleeping pad combo. Check it out here.

If you’re a hiker…

When you hike, whether it’s a couple miles or an all-day affair, your main goal is to move. But taking a break to check out a view or to set up a picnic can turn your hike into an unforgettable experience.

That’s why we made the Hex 2.0 Chair, an ultra-light, easy to carry chair that you can take anywhere.


The Hex 2.0 Chair is $53.50.

If you’re watching sports…

Let’s get one thing straight about bleacher seating: it sucks. No one likes to sit on a bench for hours with nothing to lean on. That’s why we made The Original Chair.


The Original Chair. It’s perfect for a day trip to the ballpark, and to turn any bench into a proper chair. Plus, at $50.55, there’s really no reason not to level up your stadium experience.

If you’re a boater…

Having a low-profile seat that lets you easily move and navigate your boat is essential. You don’t see recliners in small boats like canoes. Instead, canoes have bench-style seats.

Keeping this in mind, a good chair add-on must let you maintain your ability to maneuver your boat. Our Canoe Chair lets you do just that.


With the Canoe Chair – $49.50 – you can spend hours paddling or just floating, all in complete comfort.

What’s your favorite adventure to take your Crazy Creek Chair on?


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