Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day has, as usual, crept up. But don’t worry – there’s still time to get Pops the gift he deserves! Here are a few ideas to get you going:

The Original Chair

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel – the Original Chair has been tried and tested for nearly 30 years, and remains a staple favorite.  $50.50


Crazy Cooler 20 Liter

We all know Dad likes to enjoy a cold one every now and then, so keep them super cool in the Crazy Cooler 20 Liter. Enough space to fit 14 cans, and enough swag to look awesome out exploring your favorite fishing hole.


Crazy Crib Hammock

Take hanging out with your Old Man to the next level with the Crazy Crib Hammock. Easy to setup, and ridiculously comfortable to use, all you need is two trees and an empty afternoon. $82.00


Crazy Legs Leisure Chair

A chair and table combo, the Crazy Legs Leisure Chair is the perfect addition to any road trip, car camping adventure or tail gating session. Uber portable, and awesomely practical, the side table can hold all of Dad’s necessities so he doesn’t have to move a muscle. $82.00


Crazy Creek Trucker Hat

Sometimes nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a good hat. The Crazy Creek Trucker Hat is no exception. Stylish and adjustable, this hat can go from the game to the after-party barbecue easily! $14.00




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