@VanGaucho’s Instagram Takeover!

The wonderful @VanGaucho (aka Taylor Davis!) from vangaucho.com took over our Instagram last week – and magic happened. Check out his work below!

ABOUT VanGaucho:

“I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and at a young age had a thirst for adventure and taking pictures. Throughout my life I have done and seen alot. Boarding schools, United States Marine Corps, helicopter pilot school, college, fly fishing guide, Wilderness therapy guide, and a photographer. 

These are just some of the things that have molded me into the man I am today. I am here to take pictures of my story and share it with others. You never know the lives you could touch with a picture and a story. So, I am telling mine and recording this amazing part of my life. 

My dad has always said,”work harder than the person standing next to you”. I have always tried to live by his words and it has given me a solid work ethic and thirst for new and fun projects. The day is never done, there is always something to work on. Get out there and get to work!”

Day 1


“Miss Madi and I are just getting back from our trip to Moab for a little climbing extravaganza. In the distance we watch the sunset on both North and South Six Shooter…. A climb that shut myself and some friends down due to high winds the first time we tried. As we got to the top, this time with Madi at my side, we were forced to turn around near the very top. Nerves on the last pitch as well as a guiding service that weren’t practicing the safest climbing techniques forced us down. We had made it almost to the top of this glorious desert tower, by 15 feet when I pulled the plug. We did however get the van stuck in a sand trap…. Twice. Caught some sun next to the Colorado River and most importantly enjoyed each other’s company. Finding our ways through loves labyrinth and living life one day at a time. Enjoying these moments make these trips amazing. Adventure is out there. Fill up your gas tank and GO!”

Day 2


“While Madi is racing her 50 mile desert running race I took the time to go and see the local sites between her checkpoints. This was the time I had a realization that taking photos and going on adventures with a loved one was something I want to do for the rest of my life. I have had many jobs in my life, everything from United States Marine, flipping burgers, wiring houses, parking cars at a ski resort, you name it; I would work to file my adventures. The thing I have realized is time is more valuable than money. I have been around the world and seen many good things and horrific things. In the end, experiences are something I would not ever trade for any amount of money. These pictures I take and stories I share are what make me who I am. Find someone you love, pay your bills, save some money on the side, fill up your van with gas and GO!”

Day 4


“The van roof can be a place for long talks, star gazing, reading books to starring into the wild. Travel partners can make for a fun time. Long road trips can turn into long conversations and stories of how you grew up. You learn about a person and who they are when you are in your element. Find your element and talk about life.”

Day 4


“A week after Miss Madi’s race we decided to escape this weekend and go up Black Smith Fork Canyon. A much needed medium after a huge high (the race) and back to the deep low of the daily grind. Black Smith brought us an exquisite fire, dinner and talking to each other until 3 A.M. The morning brought us peace of mind a stuck van and two beautiful bald eagles nesting above our heads. The rest of the day brought random adventure.”

Day 5


“Miss Madi and I made our way to Kanab, Utah last night. We found a random dirt road and pulled off after having some dinner. This is where Madi and I went over the final details for her 50 mile race. Moments like this where we can escape to the desert and star gaze is our way of bonding with one another. Find your best friend, pack up some stuff and run away to the desert. It will heal your soul!”

Think you can adventure to takeover our Instagram for the week? Email us at smedia@crazycreek.com! Have fun y’all!

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