Original Chair vs. The Chair, What are the differences?

The difference between Crazy Creek Original Chair and Crazy Creek The Chair

This is a question I get asked almost daily. In a simple word it is QUALITY. Several years ago many companies started to create knock offs of Crazy Creek’s Original Chair. While they appear to be similar to our Original Chair we found they used different materials to make the chairs less expensive. We had to make a decision. Continue with our Original Chair or dumb it down to stay competitive. Crazy Creek has built it’s name on durability and function. We continue to make our Original Chair with it’s top of the line materials and Limited LIFETIME Warranty but decided to offer a great product at a lower price point as well.

This was the introduction of the Casual Line of chairs and in specific The Chair. The Chair, we feel, is still a better product than the knock offs but different materials and warranty from our Original Chair. The Chair comes with a one year warranty, polyester material, standard buckles and closed cell foam, fiberglass support stays.

Our Original Chair is made with ripstop nylon,  Delrin® Rock Lockster™ buckles, high density closed cell foam, nylon webbing and carbon fiber stays providing a lifetime of use.

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